Friday, October 10, 2008

My Treasury at Etsy!!!

I am so happy I finally got my first Treasury , ever at Etsy!!!! I was so excited that I misspelled the title!. I meant to say Felling for Felt... After all I have a great excuse, I was born in Brasil ... but not everybody knows...oh, well!!!

I choose some of the greatest Etsy Sellers, beautiful work, professionals, inspiring ... take a look and shop at Etsy

Please take a look at this to see more link.

I have been so busy, but I am not complaining. Lots of orders from my Website, and Online Stores. Horray!!!

I will take a few days away... but I will be still working!!!

Have a great Weekend everyone


"Look up the Sky, the sun is shinning for you"... Thank God!
"Olhe para o ceu, o sol esta brilhando para voce..." Gracas a Deus!

Estarei for de casa alguns dias, mas voltarei na Segunda... filhota tem campeonato em Washington DC.


Beijocas Mil


Hooked On Felt said...

The Rules:

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Hope you'll have fun with this!
Happy felting!
Suzanne Higgs

Cloé said...

Saudades ! Teus trabalhos estão lindos ! Abraços

Isisart said...

Olá Iona!
Gostaria de saber mais sobre o dvd de feltragem.
vc envia para o Brasil? ou tem representante aq.Fiz no fnal desta semana um curso basico e amei!Tenho interesse do dvd q ensina fazer o chapeu e bolsas.
Aguardo noticias,até!