Friday, October 29, 2010

Guilford Art Center

ARTISTRY is the Center's annual holiday sale of fine art and crafts and includes artists from throughout the nation, and presents the perfect opportunity for purchasing distinctive and unusual holiday gifts.
Each year, artists from across the country present their handmade, one-of-a-kind crafts at Artistry, the Guilford Art Center's annual holiday sale. This year will be the 31st annual Artistry show featuring a wide-ranging assembly of crafts in many price ranges, including ceramics, candles, glass, fine art, metal, jewelry, fiber, wood, ornaments, cards, condiments, soap, leather, toys, and more. All proceeds benefit the Guilford Art Center, its school and gallery programs.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zelia a brazilian textile artist

"É no sossego de casa que dona Zélia, junto à roda de fiar, transforma lã de ovelha em fios que depois vão se transformar em peças de roupas. Sua vida está ligada ao artesanato em um arte que lhe dá alegria e também preserva uma cultura que une poesia e beleza."

Good morning all. This is a story about a brazilian weaver , who is as happy as she can be... isn't she soooo cute? always weaving. I want to age like her, making what I love the most ... weaving, crochet or Felting... take a look at video, even though it is in Portuguese ... you can sense her sweet inspirational spirit.

Blog do Rene Scholz: Zélia Scholz no jornal do meio dia da RPC - TV: "Foi veiculada hoje uma reportagem sobre o trabalho de Zélia Scholz com Tecelagem Artesanal. O link da reportagem é"