Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Gallery Exhibition

I am so thrilled with this new experience.
It will be an event with art, music, poetry and more.
Check the link below for more info.

Celebrating Art with Love

The Brazilian Endowment For The Arts
cordially invite you to visit the Exhibition


inside the Special Night Programmation

"Celebrating the Art with Love"
(see more details at the "Eventos" section)
with the participants
Rene Nascimento, Marcos Amaro, Lupicínio Raro, Tony Livingstone,
Fátima Campos, Junia 'Daffonseca, Lívia Abraham,
Alcinda Saphira, Andreia Santos, Murah Lemos

Accessories Silk and Felt Craft:
Ioná Loyola

Opening Reception:
Friday, February 11, 2011 at 7:00 P.M.

Gallery Hours:
Monday to Friday, from 11am to 6pm

BEA Art Gallery
240 E 52nd Street, New York, NY - 10022
Phone: 212 371 1556

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My Felting World


Hi all,
I am sorry, but I could not keep up with my idea of presenting my favorite feltmakers once a week ... I will try to do it at least once a month (?????)... I said, I will try... ;)

But in the meantime I would like to show you what is going on lately in my Felting world:

**Finally ,after so many requests I finished my husband's slippers and hat... I also made one pair of slippers for myself!!! ... with this cold weather around here, we have been using them all the time!!! so cozy, so warm...

**Past Nuno Felting Class was great!! One of the students had a disastrous experience in the past trying to make a Nuno scarf, but I assured her that she would have a beautiful one at the end of the class and she did...

***Coming Workshops

Nuno Felting Scarf Workshop l

Students will learn how to create a beautiful 'Nuno Felt' (Nuno means fabric in Japanese)
Nuno-felting is gaining attention in finer galleries and the fiber art world for the amazing lightweight, highly textured fabric resulting from its use. Nuno is easy to learn and involves felting a small amount of colored wool into a pre-existing fabric, such as silk. No felting experience is necessary.

Please, since you're standing most of the time and get wet occasionally during class, I advice to wear comfortable shoes and clothes

Students will create a seamless felt hat with unique style and functional piece of artwork to wear, by using roving and plastic template.
Different styles to choose.
Template plastic will be yours to take it home.

Please, since you're standing most of the time and get wet occasionally during class, I advice to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Students must bring:
large bath towel

 Small Classes

 February 5th, Nuno Scarf Class 11-4:30

 February 12th, Felt a hat Class 11-4:30

68 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY