Monday, November 14, 2011

I am back!

Hello, I am sorry for my absence , but it was due to 2 surgeries I had to go through, and Thank God I am doing really well and back into action... saying that, from now on I will be posting my latest projects, actually I have been felting a lot and I was missing being into action... hope everyone is doing fine and getting ready for the Holidays .
Peace and love

Felted Scarf Collar Saffron brown merino wool on DaWanda

Discovered on DaWanda

By: IonaLoyola

Felted Scarf Collar Saffron brown merino wool

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Dawn Edwards said...

Dear Iona,

So glad that you're back and have healed from your surgeries. I love the beautiful felt scarf...Gorgeous...and the color is so lovely.

Big hugs,

Iona Loyola said...

Thank you Dawn!!! I still have to follow a treatment, but I am felting and this makes me feel good!

Big hugs!