Saturday, June 02, 2012

Old news and new news

Hello all !!!Long time!!! Some old news... Not having much time to post lately. I returned to sell on shows after a big gap. I am feeling very well Thank God!!! The scary moments are over. For those who doesn't know, I had thyroid cancer... but it was detected right at the first stages. I went through 2 surgeries last year... and I am very thankful for the outcome... I had great doctors, nurses, technicians... not to mentioned the support of my DH without him it would not be possible to handle this situation... my family and friends ... my faith in God. I feel now like a new me... stronger, more positive, more confident ... it is weird how we, most of the times, learn through pain. I now see life from another perspective and more than ever I believe we all have a reason to be in this life and go through what we need to go to grow and progress ... it doesn't matter if it doesn't seem like... we all grow for the better... If you out there have similar situation and would like to ask me questions about the treatment feel free , I will be more than happy to share my experience with you! Ok, enough said about this... I needed this catharsis :) But all that just to say hi again... I am back, and I will try to be more present around here... but if not you can see me on my Facebook Fan Page or on my Facebook Personal page *********************************** Some new news... Father's day is approaching and my husband was very patient and gave me a few moments of his time to model some of my scarves :) Just uploaded the new scarves to my Etsy Shop. More to come this week. xxoo


Dawn Edwards said...

Dear Iona,

So happy that your cancer was caught early and that you are well again. Funny how you can tell that some people have a deeper appreciation of life, and you are one of them. Going through those trials, scary at the time, does make us realize that which is most important, doesn't it? Our family, friends, the beauty around us, and those things that we love, for you and I, felting ranks right up there;-)
Many blessings, love, and good health to you dear Iona.
Oh, and very nice 'model' that you have there;-)


Viltalakim said...

oh my, good you are feeling better now. There's nothing more important then enjoying life everyday and the small things.
good to see you are back again. XOX

Anonymous said...

Que bom ler essa mensagem sua!! Vou checar o seu blog mais often :) te amo, mandica

Anonymous said...

Que bom ler essa mensagem sua!! Vou checar o seu blog mais often :) te amo, mandica

Iona Loyola said...

Thank you all for commenting here. It was very necessary to bring this out of my system... and maybe, as I said, I could help anyone out there who would like to know more about the treatment, hospital, and about convalescence, etc etc... but the most important right now is that I am returning to my previous activities and feeling great.
Namaste to all

Anonymous said...

Its being a blessing from above to be not only your DH, but to be allowed to cross paths with you. You are my pride and joy, the love of my life!